2022 Pre-Season Previews are beginning to roll out! Check here every day for new previews of teams throughout the state.

Preview #1: Glenbard East

School: Glenbard East

Head Coach: Scott Llorens

Conference: Upstate Eight

2021 Highlights: 16-1 Record, Upstate Eight Champions, 2nd in Hinsdale Central Sectional, 14th Place in State.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Ellie Brandt (10), Claire Flanagan (10), Lea Angelakos (12), Mia Ilagan (12), Aria Smith (12), Ruby Voke (12)

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Khushi Patel (11)

2022 Expectations:  “We are hoping to follow up a big year last year with continued success. Our goals include another Top 20 finish in the state, and a second consecutive conference title. It will be fun to see another group of leaders take over after graduating our 4 senior captains from last year.”

Preview #2: West Aurora

School: West Aurora HS

Head Coach: Lauren Rymarz

Conference: SPC

2021 Highlights: One singles player (Lorena Torres) and one doubles team (Alexis Van Vleet and Emma Whitlock) qualifying for State!

Returning Varsity Athletes: Tessa Wallace (sr) Samantha Einsiedel (sr) Natalie Anderson (sr) Sathida Ouankeo (sr.) Ashley Zdanek (Sr.) Sophia Medina(Sr) Lilia Medina (Sr)

2022 Expectations:  “I’m excited for the return of tournaments, quads, triangulars, etc. Excited for our girls to experience the team bonding that goes along with those events!”

Preview #3: Libertyville

School: Libertyville High School

Head Coach: Judi Neuberger

Conference: NSC

2021 Highlights: Sectional Champs, 8th in state

Returning Varsity Athletes: Alex Berns (12), Evelyn Tarman (12), Ella Baffico (12), Amber Semler (12), Hollis Friese (11), Belinda Li (11), Kendall Brooks (10)

Preview #4: York

School: York

Head Coach: Gena Fite

Conference: WSC

2021 Highlights: Tied first place conference with HC, Took first place doubles at Naperville North sectional, one doubles team made it to 4th round consolation before losing to a team they battled with all season (we beat them at conference, they beat us at state).

Returning Varsity Athletes: We graduated 10 seniors last year (2021). We have three returning varsity players: Maria Chornij (sr), Sasha Neidigh (jr), Lindsey White (so).

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Emily Hyink and Reese Krauter, both seniors.

Quote for Upcoming Season:  “When you are surrounded by greatness, realize that collaboration is the key to success”. Raj Echambadi (IL Tech president). Our teams are expected to help one another and share their gifts so that all the players on each teams can benefit.”

Preview #5: TF South

School: TF South

Head Coach: Robert Tengstrand

Conference: South Suburban Conference Red

2021 Highlights: Record 18-0, Conference Champ 10 Straight Titles, Sectional Champion, 11th in the State. Both returning doubles teams each won multiple matches at State Tourney.

Returning Varsity Athletes: 10 of 12 varsity players from 2021.

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Christina Aguilar and Kailey Klausner (Both Juniors)

2022 Expectations:  “We expect to win Conference Title, Sectional Title, and improve on our 11th place finish at 2021 State Tourney.”

Preview #6: Lake Forest

School: Lake Forest

Head Coach: Nicole Frye

Conference: North Suburban Conference

2021 Highlights: 2nd place at the Deerfield Sectional; qualifying Alex Sugrue (singles) and Faith and Via Conopeotis (doubles).

Returning Varsity Athletes: Alexandra Sugrue (SR) Hannah Stewart (SR) Faith Conopeotis (JR) Via Conpeotis (JR) Valerie Jiao (SO)

2022 Expectations:  “With young talent returning and outstanding senior leadership, I am eager to see what this season holds as we get back to the courts for a more traditional season full of outstanding competitions!”

Preview #7: Stevenson

School: Stevenson

Head Coach: Grant Johnson

Conference: North Suburban

2021 Highlights: 2nd Place in State as a team, State Champions and Runner-up in Doubles

Returning Varsity Athletes: Lindsey Wang (11), Katherine Li (11), Ema Akutsu (12), Veronica Liu (12), Meghana Dixit (10), Nancy Zhang (12)

Preview #8: Hoffman Estates

School: Hoffman Estates

Head Coach: Patrick Swanson

Conference: Mid Suburban League (MSL)

2021 Highlights: First Sectional Title in school history. Singles and Doubles sectional champs for first time in school history.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Alisa Hilaly (So.), Anushree Raol (Sr.), Isha Shah (Sr.), Vishva Patel (Jr.), Sae Minobe (Sr.)

Preview #9: Warren

School: Warren

Head Coach: Brett Heimstead

Conference: North Suburban Conference

2021 Highlights: State Qualifier – Ellen Corr, first time in school history.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Molly Cummings (sr.), Madu Chandler (so.), Sam Gebusion (sr.), Huong Ho (Sr.), Faith Cabalfin (sr.), Karen Kim (sr.), Pavneet Kaur (sr.), Kiera Rodriguez (sr.)

2022 Expectations:  “Looking to build momentum from last season with a solid returning group. We have strong teams / individuals at the top of our Varsity line up and hope to get more kids down to State.”

Preview #10: OPRF

School: Oak Park River Forest HS

Head Coach: Paul Wright

Conference: West Suburban Silver

Returning Varsity Athletes: Ameila Hoog Senior

2022 Expectations:  “Excited about getting kids back together and playing. Covid has impacted the growth of our program through the loss of summer camps at our school.”

Preview #11: Palatine

School: Palatine High School

Head Coach: Alison West

Conference: Mid Suburban League

2021 Highlights: Two singles players and a doubles team represented the Pirates at 2021 State Tournament.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Melanie Reidel 2022, Abby Louis 2022

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Ruhamah Nebeel 2024, Sonja Domanus 2023, Kaila Zuchel 2022

2022 Expectations:  “After graduating 8 seniors the Pirates are reinforcing the ship. Two returning Varsity Players Melanie Reidel and Abby Louis are our solid base and can lead the Pirates on toward a winning tradition. Strong, energized underclassmen are waiting for the season to start and looking forward to competing for a varsity spot. As always, the MSL is solid and Palatine will work hard to carry on our competitive traditions.”

Preview #12: Plainfield East

School: Plainfield East

Head Coach: Tyler Sutton

Conference: Southwest Prairie Conference

2021 Highlights: 3rd in Sectionals as a team with all underclassmen. Singles player took 3rd place in Sectionals and made it to State, winning a match.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Ivy He 2022, Michaela Romero 2022, Carolyn Winiecki, Anyssa Osktrovecky 2024, Diya Soni 2022, Rithika Yarramsetty 2022, Sana Khan 2022,

2022 Expectations:  “We return everyone from last year. We hope to compete for a Conference top 3 finish and advance 2 singles players to the State Finals”

Preview #13: Lockport

School: Lockport

Head Coach: Hannah Walus

Conference: South West Suburban Conference- Blue Division

2021 Highlights: 1st place @ Conference- Blue Division, 2021 Sectional Champs

Returning Varsity Athletes: Seniors: Heather Heintz , Abigail Weber, Catherine Suchocki

2022 Expectations:  “Very excited for this upcoming season and being able to have tournaments and quads! We had a 7 seniors leave us last year so I am very excited to see how the girls can fill their shoes! Hoping for another Conference and Sectional championship and to do well at state!”

Preview #14: Elgin

School: Elgin High School

Head Coach: Sally Lennon

Conference: Upstate Eight

2021 Highlights: Just girls challenging themselves to improve their skills each day.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Maya Liquigan (Senior), Charlisa Mao (Senior), and Ashley Labinpuno (Senior)

2022 Expectations:  “Looking forward to having our team strive to play their best badminton each time they walk out on the court and be consistently happy with their progress regardless of how many points they’ve scored.”

Preview #15: Oswego

School: Oswego

Head Coach: Scott Freischlag

Conference: Southwest Prairie Conference

2021 Highlights: “Last year was tough. We had low numbers due to COVID-19, so our Varsity was filled with many first year players.”

Returning Varsity Athletes: Emma Smutzer (senior), Emily Snyder (senior), Madison Felker (senior), Brianna Sadler (senior)

2022 Expectations:  “It will be exciting to build on last year’s experience and see what we can do this year.”

Preview #16: Wheeling

School: Wheeling

Head Coach: JoAnne McNamee

Conference: Mid Suburban League (MSL)

2021 Highlights: MSL – 1st Place Singles, Deerfield Sectional 1st Place Singles, State Qualifier

Returning Varsity Athletes: Jacqueline Aguero (12), Maya Przebirowski (12), Patricia Santos (12), Samantha Schulewitz 12), Allison Wong (12)

2022 Expectations:  “We are hoping to improve our overall record and make another appearance at State with Mya Przebirowski”

Preview #17: Bolingbrook

School: Bolingbrook High School

Head Coach: Kitty Dupee

Conference: SWSC

Returning Varsity Athletes: Jestina Aramento (SR), Jairah Tueres (SR), Lynette Lim (SR), Isabella Cotas (SR), Tammy Kwok (JR)

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Isabella Yap (SOPH), Maitri Patel (SOPH)

2022 Expectations:  “It would be fantastic to have a qualifier(s). The team has potential. We will have strong upperclassmen presence. At the lower levels, we are really looking to build numbers back up after a plummet during the pandemic.”

Preview #18: Wheaton North

School: Wheaton North

Head Coach: Colleen Wiegman

Conference: DuKane Conference (DKC)

2021 Highlights: DKC Champions, 2nd place in Hoffman Estates Sectional, 3 of 4 entries in sectional went to state.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Hannah Strong (Sr.), Ryan Lowe (Sr.), Lwe Wah Paw (Sr.), Olivia Jara (Sr.), Biak Hnaing (Jr.)

Preview #19: St. Charles North

School: St. Charles North

Head Coach: Michael Smith

Conference: DuKane

2021 Highlights: #1 Doubles of Eng/Phillips reached further in the state tournament than any other doubles team in school history

Returning Varsity Athletes: Jasmine Bawa (soph), Bobiann Dedicatoria (senior), Hannah Phillips, (senior) Abby Sharkey (soph), Hayley Giancaterino (junior), Aleksandra Gizewicz (senior)

2022 Expectations:  “We have 5 returning varsity starters but we are still are a young team. The challenge this year will be to pair doubles teams correctly, early in the season. We have a large freshman class; Coach Kelcie Great will have her hands full this season. However, I’m very confident in her abilities to teach the sport to the freshman and produce exceptional players. Coach Steve Dodd will be returning for his 2nd season as the JV coach. His knowledge of the game and experience are invaluable to the team. I’m very excited to be able to keep the coaching staff together for a 2nd year, as it can sometimes be challenging finding qualified badminton coaches. Our girls have been working hard to get ready for the season. They’ve been attending open gyms and taking small group lessons at Midwest Badminton Club. Hopefully, the hard work will payoff.”

Preview #20: Oak Forest

School: Oak Forest

Head Coach: Mike Thompson

Conference: South Suburban Conference

2021 Highlights: 1 doubles lost in back draw round to get to state after coming together half way through the season.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Ally English- JR, Tea Graham-SR, Caroline Scurcek- SR.

2021 Expectations: “We are excited to return to having a deep program after losing numbers during the pandemic. We will be young and ready to learn how to compete!”

Preview #21: Naperville North

School: Naperville North High School

Head Coach: Heather Schild

Conference: DuPage Valley Conference

2021 Highlights: 2nd in conference, 1st in state overall. 1st in state singles (Bhaavya Manikonda) and 5th in state doubles (Liang and Shih)

Returning Varsity Athletes: Rosana Liang (Sr) will be returning to play doubles with partner, Connie Liu (Sr). Shannon Xu (Jr) will be returning in singles.

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Amanda Ng (Sr) is a stud swimmer who is also a top badminton singles athlete. She will be joining the NNHS roster this season.

2022 Expectations:  “We’re excited to return to the courts and continue to develop our program for all of the girls on the roster. We’ve added some exciting tournaments to our schedule, and I promise you we will be fun to watch again this year!.”

Preview #22: Willowbrook

School: Willowbrook

Head Coach: Eastman Tiu

Conference: West Suburban Gold

2021 Highlights: 2nd Place finish in conference

Returning Varsity Athletes: Becca Lopez-Egan (12), Amelia Gesicki (12), Emma Rattana (12), Allison Harr (12), Annabelle Romero (12), Kali Becker (12), Mary Whiting (12), Claire Harr (12), Molly Williams (12)Lillian Caron (10)

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Emma Foley (11)

2022 Expectations:  “We are looking forward to playing a full schedule. We have a large group of seniors and I hope to have a fulfilling and successful season in their final year.”

Preview #23: Lincoln Way East

School: Lincoln Way East

Head Coach: Steven Evenhouse

Conference: Southwest Suburban Conference – Blue

2021 Highlights: Finished 2nd place at conference tournament and won sectional from the 12 seed while qualifying 5 players for state.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Rachel Miller (SR), Mia Mercado (SR), Megan Phillips (SR), Allison Doyon (SR), and Taylor Doyon (SR)

2022 Expectations:  “We expect to be competitive within our conference and to send several players to this year’s state tournament.”

Preview #24: Elk Grove

School: Elk Grove

Head Coach: Lindsey Rapinchuk

Conference: Midsuburban League (MSL)

Returning Varsity Athletes: Faith Reyes (junior), Taylor Campa (senior), Leah Daniels (senior), Nicole Nowak (sophomore), Parthi Patel (junior), Emma Conway (senior)

Preview #25: Geneva

School: Geneva

Head Coach: Dee Neukirch

Conference: Dukane

2021 Highlights: 2nd place sectional finish, qualifying 5 players to state

Returning Varsity Athletes: Lisa Colin and Annabelle Karch (juniors)

Quote for 2022 season:  “Fight Hard. Stay Positive. Be Kind.”

Preview #26: Deerfield

School: Deerfield High School

Head Coach: Blanche Esgar

Conference: CSL North

2021 Highlights: Qualified 2 doubles teams and 1 singles player for state

Returning Varsity Athletes: Ina Pan (Sr), Talia Field (Sr), Grace Friedman (Sr), Kylie Cole (Sr) Synei Karel (Sr) Jordyn Resnick (Sr), Talia Zazove (Sr), Anna Choi (Sr), Sarah Goodman (Sr)

2022 Expectations:  “Getting back to normal and letting the girls experience being part of the best team during High School!”

Preview #27: Sandburg

School: Sandburg

Head Coach: Kimberly Huelsman

Conference: SWSC-Blue Division

2021 Highlights: Single and Doubles state qualifiers

Returning Varsity Athletes: Cindy Lim (SR)

Preview #28: Fremd

School: Fremd High School

Head Coach: Bob Hanson

Conference: MSL

2021 Highlights: 3rd Place State/ Sectional Champs/ Conf Champs

Returning Varsity Athletes: Maggie WU/ Yejee Lee/Elle Zheng/ Keerthana/Medha Yaragorla Rajkumar/Sachi Tillu

2022 Expectations:  “We have 5 returning players from the 3rd place state team that are ready to improve on last years finish.”

Preview #29: Reavis

School: Reavis

Head Coach: Adam Zawada

Conference: South Suburban Conference

Returning Varsity Athletes: Angelika Babicz 22, Izabela Drzazgowski 22, Sarah Martinez 22, Jedda Urteaga 22

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Layla Odeh 22, Dania Amjad 24

2022 Expectations:  “We are looking to improve our skills each match and have success along the way.”

Preview #30: Larkin

School: Larkin

Head Coach: Earl Danan

Conference: Upstate Eight

2021 Highlights: First winning season in 12 years with a record of 5-4 (Defeating South Elgin 14-1 and Elgin 12-3)

Returning Varsity Athletes: Sandy Flores ’22, Jen Villagran ’22, Melanie Fernandez ’22, Conny Guadarrama ’22, Julee Guadarrama ’22, & Nicole Nosbisch ’21

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Abigail Bertram ’23 and Abby Flick ’23

Quote for 2022:  “Success is not final, Failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Preview #31: Niles North

School: Niles North

Head Coach: Terri Vander Jeugdt

Conference: Central Suburban League

Returning Varsity Athletes: Sharon So ( SR ), Amayma Hamid (SR)

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Despina Mangalousi, Adeline Nguyen

2022 Expectations:  “I am looking forward to building this program, getting us on the map one day for our school, as this is my first year as the head coach for NN.”

Preview #32: Highland Park

School: Highland Park

Head Coach: Lydia Gonzalez

Conference: Central Suburban League

2021 Highlights: First official season with playing matches. 4th in Conference. 1 All Conference player

Returning Varsity Athletes: Cate Alter – Jr, Olivia Alvarez – Sr, Anais Arellanes – So, Adina Bard – So, Ava Edelman – Jr, Vivian Esgar – Jr, Angie Huizar – Jr, Karla Sanchez-Martinez – Jr

2022 Expectations:  “We are looking forward to capitalizing on our large number of returning Varsity players and competing with top teams in the state.”

Preview #33: Oak Forest

School: Oak Forest

Head Coach: Mike Thompson

Conference: SSC

2021 Highlights: 2nd place in conference at #1 spots

Returning Varsity Athletes: Bringing everyone back except for #1 singles

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: All of the new upperclassmen

Preview #34: West Chicago

School: West Chicago

Head Coach: Emily Brown

Conference: Upstate Eight

2021 Highlights: Qualified two students – Rebecca Lighthiser and Lyndi Bressner – for state doubles. Went 9-1 in conference and took 2nd overall in the conference meet.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Latoya Wright (12), Natalie Wilderman (12), Dana Amer (12), Jaylee Siu (12)

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Tahira Tabrezi (11) and Aliya Tabrezi (11)

2022 Expectations:  “We are looking forward to returning to a normal season of play with lots of competitive tournaments and games. We have our largest group of tryout participants in recent years and will build strong athletes across all levels.”

Preview #35: Naperville Central

School: Naperville Central

Head Coach: Tamara Burke

Conference: DVC

2021 Highlights: One doubles state qualifier

Returning Varsity Athletes: Hanna An-Jr, Michelle Hu-Sr, Jessica Pei-Jr, Simi Kama-Jr, Rebeca Jacobs-Sr, Rachel Soon-Sr

2022 Expectations:  “Looking forward to getting back to a normal season with great competition.”

Preview #36: Metea Valley

School: Metea Valley

Head Coach: Nikki Liska

Conference: DVC

2021 Highlights: Sectional Champions, Qualified 2 doubles teams and 1 singles team to state, Top 10 team finish, Doubles team took 3rd,

Returning Varsity Athletes: Sophia Wang (Sr), Vivian Kok (Sr.), Anjanana Viswanathan (Jr.), Vijayanandini Mandava (Sr), Riya Alwala (So)

2022 Expectations:  “We are excited to have a full varsity team ready to compete this season.”

Preview #37: Neuqua Valley

School: Neuqua Valley

Head Coach: Nick Benson

Conference: DVC

2021 Highlights: DVC Conference Champions, Sectional Champions, Third Place State Finish. Gowri Salem (Top 12 Singles), Shruti Panse (Top 16 Singles), Helen Zhao and Bhavi Barnwal (4th Place in Doubles)

Returning Varsity Athletes: Bhavi Barnwal (12), Shruti Panse (12), Wanhan Sun (10), Cynthia Zhang (11), Aarushi Choudhary (11), Anika Hong (12)

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Hannah George (9), Nayoon Lee (12), Yilin Liu (10), Anna Xuan (10)

2022 Expectations:  “We are hoping that another exciting year awaits Neuqua Valley Badminton in 2022. We have a strong core group of players returning this year and we also have some really talented underclassmen joining the team. It will be nice to resume tournaments against some of the other area high schools this year. We are looking forward to starting the 2021-2022 season!”

Preview #38: Buffalo Grove

School: Buffalo Grove

Head Coach: Chris VanGrondelle

Conference: MSL

2021 Highlights: Sectional Champions

Returning Varsity Athletes: Jaclyn Rende Sr., Angela Liang Sr., Bethany Liang Sr., Megan Snow Sr., Alice Sempoch Sr., Audrey Yang Jr., Eva Mason Jr.

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Julia Barnett Jr., Ashlin Monish Jr., Jenny Waz Jr., Jenna Pullega Jr., Demetra Antonopoulos Fr.

2022 Expectations:  “The Bison return 5 from a Sectional Championship team last year. We also have a great deal of experience on the lower half of our varsity team. We should be competitive in our conference and will hopefully gain experience, confidence and the skills to be competitive in the post conference season.”

Preview #39: Lyons Township

School: Lyons Township High School

Head Coach: Sue McClenahan

Conference: West Suburban Silver Conference

2021 Highlights: Finished 2nd at Sectionals. Qualified a single player and one doubles team for the State Tournament.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Marris Carli (12), Aamina Qureshi (12), Katie Vespa (12), Andja Vojinovic

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Aggie Driscoll (11), Julia Senffner (10)

2022 Expectations:  “We are excited that this season will be back to normal!”

Previe #40: Glenbard South

School: Glenbard South

Head Coach: Lisa Roy

Conference: Upstate Eight

2021 Highlights: 2nd in UEC, singles state qualifier.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Sarah Parayno (Sr), Emily Frieling (Sr), Sumayyah Syed (Sr), Abby Crawford (Jr), Annie Gillen (Jr)

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Arifa Ridah (Jr), Maddie Puzon (Sr), Audrey Sweeney (Sr)

Quote for 2022:  “Commit to Self, Commit to Team, Commit to Court”