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School: Andrew
Head Coach: Kira Maciejewski

Conference: SWSC

2022 Highlights: Conference- 2nd, Sectionals- 2nd, 1 singles player and 1 doubles team qualified for state

Returning Varsity Athletes: Emma Lasecki – Sophomore

2023 Expectations:  “We are a very young team with only 1 returning varsity athlete. Our team consists of 2 seniors, 3 juniors, and 9 sophomores! This is a group that shows a great potential for growth this season.”


School: Bolingbrook
Head Coach: Kitty Dupee

Conference: SWSC

Returning Varsity Athletes: Adiba Asad (SR), Angelica Goetschel (SR), Tammy Kwok (SR), Ana Ortiz (JR), Maitri Patel (JR), Isabella Yap (JR)

Exciting Newcomers to Varsity: Emily Calderon (JR), Hazel Calderon (SOPH), Yesenia Dekayie (SOPH), Viviana Garcia (JR), Kate Pajel (SOPH), Ella Skultinas (SOPH)

2023 Expectations:  “We have a lot of young, developing talent on the team. We are looking forward to a strong performance this season. We have a group of motivated, competitive athletes!”

Bradley Bourbonnais

School: Bradley Boubonnais
Head Coach: Kathy Conclasure

Conference: SWSC

2022 Highlights:  One singles and Both doubles teams made it to state.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Everyone coming back besides my second doubles team.

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity:Rylie Swinford and Maggie Soucie

Buffalo Grove

School: Buffalo Grove High School
Head Coach: Chris VanGrondelle

Conference: Mid Suburban League

2022 Highlights: MSL East Division Champions, 2nd Place MSL Conference, Sectional Champions, Top 20 state finish at State Tournament

Returning Varsity Athletes: Eva Mason Sr., Audrey Yang Sr., Jenna Pullega Sr., Julia Barnett Sr., Ashlin Monish Sr., Jenny Waz Sr.

Exciting Newcomers to Varsity: Mia Whippo So., Onyx Romanski, So, Anna Velasco So, Sophia Watschke Jr.,

2023 Expectations:  “We have a solid group of 8 athletes that will be competing for our varsity squad. Our seniors have been competing at the varsity for 3 and 4 years. They will all be solid competitors. Our younger kids are good athletes but not tested in badminton competition at the varsity level. We have an opportunity to win the MSL East Division. Prospect and Hersey are also very good teams with great coaches. Fremd will win the MSL Conference. They are stacked with great club players once again. Conant and Hoffman Estates are certainly on the rise in the West Division. Both teams have athletes that have dedicated themselves to badminton.”


School: Conant
Head Coach: Brittany Mendoza

Conference: MSL

2022 Highlights: Conant Badminton placed 3rd at MSL Conference, won our Sectional tournament and placed 15th at the 2022 State Competition.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Sruthi Sundar (12), Katie Yu (11), Catherine Lodico (11)

2023 Expectations:  “While we graduated 6 Varsity players at the end of the 2022 season, Conant Badminton is excited about the growth in our program this year with young, up and coming players who show passion for the game. Go Cougars!”

Downers Grove South

School: Downers Grove South
Head Coach: Hayley Pendergast

Conference: West Suburban Conference

2022 Highlights: We made it to sectional at Naperville North, but did not qualify for state.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Olivia Balicki, (Senior), Audrey Lin (Senior), Naila Marciukaityte (Senior, Nonoko Momzaki (Senior), Trizzie Nguyen (Senior), Natalie Simpson (Senior), Karissa Tse (Senior), Elle Vander Laan (Senior)

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Samantha Stapleton (Freshman)

2023 Expectations:  “I am a new coach, so excited to learn from the other head coaches out there and excited to see how our seniors come out this year!”

East Aurora

School: East Aurora
Head Coach: Ivette Millan

Conference: Upstate Eight

2022 Highlights: Any time you have one of your girls place in the Conference tournament is always a win!

Returning Varsity Athletes: Kimberly Martinez (Sr) Arlett Pedroza (Jr) Evelyn Camacho (Jr) Evelyn Sosa (So) Valerie Tovar (Sr) Anne Garcia (Jr) Daisy Rios (Jr) Vianney Torres (Jr)

Exciting Newcomers to Varsity: Martha Vazquez (So) Aylin Mojica (So) Karina Perez-Zuniga (So)


School: Fremd
Head Coach: Bob Hanson

Conference: MSL

2022 Highlights:  MSL West Champions, MSL Champions, Sectional Champions, 2nd Place State

Returning Varsity Athletes: Yejee Lee 12, Elle Zeng 11, Samantha Ye 10, Jeslin Vettikkatt 11, Keerthana Rajkumar 11

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Yelang Lee 9, Sophie Zhou 9, Evangaline Liu 10, Brianna Wang 9, Riya Maligireddy 9


School: Geneva High School
Head Coach: Doug Ross

Conference: DuKane

2022 Highlights: Conference 1st, Sectionals 2nd, 1st and 2nd doubles teams state qualifying, Lisa Colin and Annabelle Karch top 15 at state in 2022

Returning Varsity Athletes: Lisa Colin 12, Annabelle Karch 12, Taylor Smith 11, Riley Smith 11, Emma Lehman 11, Aashika Jain 11, Emese Ori 12, Lina Perry 12

2023 Expectations:  “Geneva looks to stay strong within the DuKane Conference and by adding a few new players, possibly improve our standings in the state series.”

Glenbard East

School: Glenbard East
Head Coach: Scott Llorens

Conference: Upstate Eight

2022 Highlights: 29-4 Record, Back-to-Back Undefeated Upstate Eight Champions, Won 3 tournaments (GBE, Willowbrook, and Conant), 2nd in Naperville North Sectional, 6 State Qualifiers, 21st Place in State.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Ellie Brandt (11), Claire Flanagan (11), Emily Puth (11), Abby Chambers (12), Khushi Patel (12)

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Caitlin Rossi (10)

2023 Expectations:  “We’ve had a nice run of success for the past few years. This group is the youngest we’ve had in recent memory, but we are fortunate enough to have three returning state qualifiers. It will be a fun year watching young players develop, and we are confident that we will be playing at a high level by the end of the season.”

Glenbard South

School: Glenbard South
Head Coach: Lisa Roy

Conference: Upstate Eight

2022 Highlights: 2nd in Upstate 8 Conference, 3rd in Naperville Central Sectional, 1st Singles Sarah Parayno and 2nd Singles Abby Crawford made it to State

Returning Varsity Athletes: Abby Crawford 12, Arifa Ridah 12

2023 Expectations:  “Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

Glenbard West

School: Glenbard West
Head Coach: Michelle Gatz

Conference: West Suburban Conference Silver Division

Returning Varsity Athletes: Paityn Formanski (Sr.) and Moira Manas (Jr.)

2023 Expectations:  “Excited to get to know some of the new incoming freshman trying out along with the returning players as well! Ready to compete our best this season and show the amazing skills that we have learned. Looking forward to an amazing season!”

Highland Park

School: Highland Park
Head Coach: Lydia Gonzalez

Conference: Central Suburban League

2022 Highlights: #1 doubles with Adina Baird & Vivian Esgar advanced out of Sectionals and placed in top 24 for doubles in 2022.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Cate Alter-SR, Ava Edelman-SR, Vivian Esgar-SR, Scout Koulentes-SR, Norah Liang-SR, Hope Mocogni-SR, Olivia Whitlock-SR, & Anais Arellanes-JR

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Amina Smithenry-Myers and Izzy Tricoli

2023 Expectations:  “We are looking forward to the continued growth of our Badminton program. Within 3 years of starting our program, we have capitalized on our athletes’ commitment to learning, growing and competing. Last year, we had a doubles team make it to State and they have set the bar high for our program.”

Hoffman Estates

School: Hoffman Estates High School
Head Coach: Patrick Swanson

Conference: MSL

2022 Highlights: Alisa Hilaly qualified for the state meet for the second straight year. Isha Shah and Anushree Raol finished 3rd in the conference meet at 1st doubles, the highest finish for our school.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Alisa Hilaly (Jr.), Bhavya Muthu (So.), Vishva Patel (Sr.), Aria Van Wijk (Sr.), Milana Sulaimanova (Sr.), Samrita Vinu (Sr.)

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Not sure how things will shake out, but Michelle Lin (Jr), Franceska Capistrano (Jr), Arya Shah (Sr), and Jessica Ryoo (Sr) all played at some varsity tournaments last year

2023 Expectations:  “Hoffman Estates will be looking to continue to be a tough matchup for lots of schools, with a returning state qualifier and a doubles team that lost a state qualifying match 19-21, 19-21. A lot of improvement has been shown in the offseason and we’re excited to see how many girls step up and achieve at a high level.”

Lake Forest

School: Lake Forest
Head Coach: Nicole Frye

Conference: North Suburban Conference

2022 Highlights: Lake Forest placed second in the NSC Conference tournament. We qualified our #1 doubles team (Conopeotis/Conopeotis) at the Fremd Sectional. This doubles team went on to finish in the top 16 at the 2022 State Finals.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Isabella Adams (SO), Louisa Back, Faith Conopeotis (SR), Via Conopeotis (SR), Valarie Jiao (JR), Ashley Keim (SR), Ella Kuehnle (SR), Elis Miller (JR)

2023 Expectations:  “With a strong group of returning athletes, we are excited to see what the 2023 season will hold for this outstanding group of Scouts!”


School: Larkin
Head Coach: Earl Danan

Conference: Upstate Eight

2022 Highlights: UEC 7-2 / Overall 9-3; 6 All-Conference; 20 All-Academic Conference; 1 IHSA Sectional Singles Champion & Bronze; 2 IHSA State Qualifiers

Returning Varsity Athletes: ’23 Nicole Nosbisch (SQ), ’23 Abigail Bertram, ’23 Abby Flick, ’23 Maddie Dobbeck, ’24 Quetzali Lara, ’24 Katherine Munoz

Exciting Newcomers to Varsity: 24 Keith Perona, ’24 Amy Kramarczyk, ’24 Graci Escobar, ’24 Silvia Garcia

2023 Expectations:  “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”


School: Libertyville
Head Coach: Judi Neuberger

Conference: North Suburban Conference

2022 Highlights: 2nd in conference, 1st at Sectionals, 5 state qualifiers

Returning Varsity Athletes: Hollis Friese (12), Natalia Michalski (12), Belinda Li (12), Lyn George (10), Kylie Hughes (11)

2023 Expectations:  “We will have a very young team (lost 8 seniors last year and two juniors are not returning this year) so our hope is to work on our skills and be as competitive as can be this year.”

Lincoln Way East

School: Lincoln Way East High School
Head Coach: Steven Evenhouse

Conference: Southwest Suburban Blue

2022 Highlights: 3rd place in Conference, 1st Place in Sectionals, 5 State Qualifiers, 2 pts at State Tournament

Returning Varsity Athletes: Angie Wiabel (Sr), Mikayla Hicks (Sr.)

2023 Expectations:  “We expect to be competitive within our conference and sectional and to qualify multiple participants for the state tournament.”

Metea Valley

School: Metea Valley High School
Head Coach: Nikki Liska

Conference: DVC

2022 Highlights: MV was sectional Champions last year (all positions qualified) with a top 10 state finish. Sophia Wang and Vivian Kok finished 5th overall in doubles.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Anjana Viswanathan (12) Riya Alwala (11), Sri Battula (11), Tanmayi Sharat (12)

2023 Expectations:  “Metea is looking forward to an exciting 2023 season. We have two strong senior leaders and 3 returning state qualifiers. We are a young team but have worked hard to be ready for this season.”

Naperville Central

School: Naperville Central
Head Coach: Tamara Burke

Conference: DuPage Valley

2022 Highlights: 2nd place in Sectionals, 1st doubles team Top 12 in state

Returning Varsity Athletes: Daniella Aldeguer, Sr., Hanna An, Sr., Amaya Liu, Sr., Jessica Pei, Sr.

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Giana Xiao, Sr., Megan Moreno, So., Nicole Liang, Jr.

2023 Expectations:  “I am looking forward to a fun and competitive season with some very experienced returning varsity players! Best of luck to all the teams this season!”

Naperville North

School: Naperville North
Head Coach: Heather Schild

Conference: DuPage Valley

2022 Highlights: 3rd at state with a 2nd place and 4th place at singles

Return Varsity Players: Shannon Xu is a senior!

2023 Expectations:  “We are excited for new growth and new opportunities under strong captains this year!”

Oak Forest

School: Oak Forest
Head Coach: Mike Thompson

Conference: SSC

2022 Highlights: State qualifiers, success at 1/2 singles and doubles

Returning Varsity Athletes: Ali English, Sr.

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Emily Strama and Emily Placarnte, Jrs.

2023 Expectations:  “I am excited to see our program continue to develop our depth. We finally broke through and got achieved some success at top spots, but we want to be stronger throughout the whole lineup..”

Oswego East

School: Oswego East
Head Coach: Craig Morris

Conference: South Suburban Prairie Conference

2022 Highlights: 2022 Conference Champions

Returning Varsity Athletes: Jasmine Chan 12th, Anshi Mathur 12th, Avani Mathur 12th, Srinidhi Siva 11th, Jensie Coonradt 11th, Aishat Smith 11th,

Plainfield East

School: Plainfield East
Head Coach: Tyler Sutton

Conference: Southwest Prairie Conference

2022 Highlights: 2nd in Conference & finished with the most wins in school history (14). Had a singles state qualifier & a doubles team state qualifier in 2022.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Graduated Everyone

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Anyssa Ostrovecky 2024

2023 Expectations:  “”We will be in a rebuilding mode with numerous sophomore & juniors filling out our varsity lineup after graduating the best class in school history””


School: Reavis High School
Head Coach: Aam Zawada

Conference: South Suburban Conference

2022 Highlights: Finished 2nd in the South Suburban Conference.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Natalie Piroszek (23), Dominique Diaz (23), Lannie Perez (23)Dania Amjad (24), Jumanah Ghosheh (24) Shafia Shabbir (24) Jocelyn Diaz (25), Zuzanna Antoszek (25) Giselle Alcauter (26)

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: The field is open in hopes of creating high level competition daily.

2023 Expectations:  “We are looking to build and improve daily from our results of the past. Each day we want to get better.”

Riverside Brookfield

School: Riverside Brookfield
Head Coach: Dan Herbeck

Conference: n/a

Returning Varsity Athletes: Robin Ruvoli – Senior, Katie DeJesus – Junior, Emelia Orszulak – Junior

Exciting Newcomers to Varsity: Jaelyn Turina – Senior, Gracie Adams – Senior

2023 Expectations:  “We graduated 15 seniors from last year’s squad, so we are hoping the younger players will step up!”

Rolling Meadows

School: Rolling Meadows High School
Head Coach: Scott Llorens

Conference: MSL

2022 Highlights: Two singles players almost qualified for the state tournament.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Asha Thomas (11), Rowan Devuono (12), Haasini Vidapalapati (10), and Monica Kupiec

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Alyssa Borbath (11)

2023 Expectations:  “This is my 32nd season as the varsity badminton coach at Rolling Meadows High School. I have a great group of girls who will work hard and give their best. I am looking forward to having one of the best badminton seasons I have ever had at RMHS both on and off of the courts.”


School: Romeoville
Head Coach: Chaz Kuhn

Conference: Southwest Prairie Conference

2022 Highlights: IABC All-State Player

Returning Varsity Athletes: Maya Edrada (12), Claire An (10), Sarina Silva (12, Faviola Alvarez (12), Jaydon Swearingen)

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Isabella Kovas (11)


School: Carl Sandburg High School
Head Coach: Kimberly Huelsman

Conference: South West Suburban Conference (Blue)

2022 Highlights: 1st Place in SWSC Blue Division, 2nd at Sectionals, 2 single State qualifiers

Returning Varsity Athletes: Alexa Petcu (Jr.)

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Aya Askar (Jr) Johann Laran (Jr)


School: Stevenson
Head Coach: Grant Johnson

Conference: North Suburban

2022 Highlights: Team State Champions, Doubles State Champions of Ema Akutsu and Katherine Li

Returning Varsity Athletes: Katherine Li (12), Meghana Dixit (11), Ruhi Sachar (11), Reshma Rajesh (11), Riddhi, Mallela (11), Anvi Harish (10)

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Lindsey Wang (12) is returning the program. She was top 32 singles player in 2021.

2023 Expectations:  “We will have a lot of new faces at the top our lineup given the graduations from 2022 and look forward to building on the success our program has had in recent years. Most importantly, we are excited to be back on the court, playing a game we love, and competing at a high level.”


School: Warren Township (Gurnee)
Head Coach: Brett Heimstead

Conference: North Suburban Conference

2022 Highlights: Individual Molly Cummings to State (Graduated)

Returning Varsity Athletes: Reyna Hill (Junior)

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Alyssa Borbath (11)

2023 Expectations:  “We lost 11 Varsity players last season. 10 graduates and one moved to Florida. Our Singles and Doubles players for the State Series were all Seniors. We will be rebuilding with a solid core of returners who just lack varsity experience. We are hoping that a few players can step up and bring their game to the next level.”

Waubonsie Valley

School: Waubonsie Valley
Head Coach: Bill Carson

Conference: DVC

2022 Highlights: Freshmen state place-winner

Returning Varsity Athletes: Norah George-JR, Sheila Manguni-SR, Maya Masuta-JR, Ghantharini Kanagasabapathi – SR, Manjushree Balaji-JR

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Tisha Dubey- Freshman

2023 Expectations:  “We are looking forward to an exciting and competitive year! Best of luck to everybody!”

Wheaton North

School: Wheaton North
Head Coach: Colleen Wiegman

Conference: DuKane

2022 Highlights: DKC–Biak Hnaing & Bridget Hagen 1st place at 3D, Biak Hnaing 1st place 5S, Bridget Hagen 2nd place 6S; Team–3rd place finish at tough Naperville North Sectional

Returning Varsity Athletes: Biak Hnaing (Sr), Bridget Hagen (Jr), Iang Khun (Sr)

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Seniors, Maddie Lee and Carena Adkins and Juniors, Ana Larsen and Ashlyn Kafer

2023 Expectations:  “We are anxious to pick up where we left off at the end of the season last spring with just a few points separating teams in our conference and a strong showing at an extremely competitive Sectional. We have a group of hard working athletes that can’t wait for the season to get started.”


School: Wheeling
Head Coach: Ania Juszcyk

Conference: MSL

2022 Highlights:  #1 Singles state qualifier.


School: Willowbrook
Head Coach: Eastman Tui

Conference: WSC Gold

2022 Highlights: 2nd place in conference. One singles and one doubles state qualifiers.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Lilly Caron (jr), Emma Foley (Sr), Adreana Vega (Sr),

Exciting Newcomer: Abby Schnittker (Fr)


School: York
Head Coach: Gena Fite

Conference: West Suburban

2022 Highlights: Co-conference champions with Hinsdale Central. 1st place Sectional title, a 3rd place individual doubles team finish at the state meet.

Returning Varsity Athletes: Sasha Neidigh (Sr), Anna Stangarone (Sr), Lindsey White (Jr), Ella Glosner (Jr), Cate Fennell (Jr).

Exciting Newcomer to Varsity: Emily White (Fr), Delaney Butterly (Jr), Courtney Yang (Jr), Clare Hewitt (Jr)

2023 Expectations:  “We are looking forward to the 2023 badminton season. The York Dukes badminton team has been preparing all year in anticipation of another year of impressive results.”